When companies are stumbling over their marketing, failing to master one of the three Ps – positioning, presentation, panache – is likely at fault. Here’s why. Do you know who you are? Positioning is one of the most critical elements of a company’s marketing. It’s your identity. It addresses who you are. What makes your […]

I saw Wonder Woman last week, and I’ve been thinking about the film ever since. So many lessons packed into a few (wildly entertaining) hours. The word “equality” is front and center. Despite some violence, I think parents should make sure their daughters see this film. The positive elements far outweigh the negative (some violence). […]

Well…maybe perfect is the wrong word. How ‘bout damn near close to perfect as you can possibly get when dealing with human beings? Cause that’s what I’ve been fortunate enough to do. A few years ago, I reconnected with a graphic designer I liked but had never worked with before. We did some projects together and […]

I’ve been consulting with a client for several months on how to use social media. Last week, she told me that social media just wasn’t working for her business. Why? Her Facebook “like” number was stuck and hadn’t budged for weeks.  I couldn’t argue with that. It was stuck. Even though there’d been some increase in […]

Time’s tight. You know you need to stay visible, but finding the time to market is a challenge. Especially in the summer when you’d rather be at the beach. Even moreso in late summer, when you notice the days getting shorter and your outdoor time slipping away. So here’s a tip to make the most […]

It was a very good week. Nope. No giant checks in the mailbox. No interviews in major publications. No fame. No fortune. But I learned a lot. From a stellar event where I met interesting people who talked about things I wanted to hear. From a fascinating speaker who held an audience rapt with stunning […]

You’d think that someone who loves to write would have been blogging by now. I have been. Ghost blogging. Guest blogging. A whole lot of client copywriting. Bylined articles here and there (a great way to market your services). Now I’ll share tidbits (really….short stuff…my attention span is no longer than yours!) once a week […]