I’ve been consulting with a client for several months on how to use social media. Last week, she told me that social media just wasn’t working for her business. Why? Her Facebook “like” number was stuck and hadn’t budged for weeks. 

I couldn’t argue with that. It was stuck. Even though there’d been some increase in the number of businesses that “liked” her, those were pages and aren’t included in the number of “likes” you see (a problem we wish Facebook would address).

However, I wasn’t surprised by any of this. Quite frankly, this client isn’t comfortable marketing on Facebook.

Asking others to “like” her page? No way. Commenting on other people’s posts doesn’t seem genuine to her. The whole “let’s connect and engage here” premise feels forced and phony.

End of story….good-by social media and good luck? Not quite.

We hadn’t discussed LinkedIn. Seems that the professional, one-on-one connecting that is LinkedIn is a different story. Here my client has seen success. In fact, one connection has led to three projects in the past two months. A connection that would never have occurred had she not been on LinkedIn. 

Takeaway: not all social media tools are right for all businesses. Find the ones (or one) that work for you, and stop worrying about using ALL of them. If you’re getting new business, whatever you’re doing is working. Keep it up!

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