First we listen.


We need to understand exactly what you do and how it benefits your customers. We want to know what prior marketing you’ve done and how it worked….or didn’t. And we want to make sure you’ve identified all potential target markets.

Then we determine where you’re stuck.

Is your positioning a problem? If you can’t differentiate your company from the competition, how will you convince potential clients you can help them?

We’re huge positioning people. Our focus is on what makes your company stand out from the competition. And why you’re the best choice. If you don’t know why, we’ll figure it out together.

Once the positioning is solid, we work on messaging. What do we need to say to convince potential clients they should work with you?

You may know why your company is different, but if you’re not communicating it clearly, you’ve got a messaging mess. So we write clear, concise, compelling copy that resonates with your readers. In language that doesn’t require referencing a dictionary.

Which brings us to the next step: distribution. Maybe you’ve got the positioning and messaging nailed down but no one knows about you. That’s a problem.

How will we reach these potential customers? Where are they? And could there be more of them? We’ll help you answer all of those questions.

No One Size Fits All

Marketing should be customized for your particular product or service. While most companies will benefit from using social media, it may not be what we’d suggest for your business. Maybe a digital marketing campaign is a better choice. Or e-newsletters. Or a  website redesign.

We don’t do “cookie cutter marketing”. We do what will work most effectively for your company.

And if you don’t need all of the above…

We also take on project work and consulting gigs. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about giving you what you need to build your business.