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Immediate Disclaimer
If you’re reading this, I’m not sure how you got here.

I don’t market this site. Ever!

It’s rarely updated (seriously? a Twitter feed!) It’s barely optimized. It exists just for people who are interested in the marketing communication services I offer when I’m not hanging out at the web design, development and digital marketing firm I founded with my partner, Iris Marreck, eight years ago.

So this website is a perfect example of one that my other company, What A Great Website, fixes. To see how we do that, please head over there.

If you’re still interested in seeing my work, read on. And thanks!

We’re a small, smart, Chicago-based marketing communications agency. Our focus is on branding, storytelling and written communications — the WOW! words that help you turn prospects into customers and build your business.

We concentrate on three key areas:

  • positioning
  • messaging
  • distribution

Learn how we do it.

Or just head over to where I spend most of my time these days— , What A Great Website.  It’s the reason THIS site hasn’t been updated in a while.