A great looking website is only as good as the traffic it gets. If no one finds it, it’s pretty useless.

So, before you build that new website, make sure you consider the seven most important words on the Internet. You’ll want to answer these before you start to write your content.

Help me, Google!

Depending on your type of business, these words are either “where do I find” (a product or service provider) or “how do I” (do something).

For example, “Where do I find”……. a good Thai restaurant, a movie theater near me, a dog park, a book store, a building supply store, a florist, a painless dentist, a nail salon, etc.

Or “How do I”….. learn to code, fix a broken lamp, publish an e-book, do my makeup so I look like Beyoncé, get help with my taxes, convince my son it’s time to move out, bathe my cat, and so on.

The point of this exercise is to try and figure out what potential customers will type into Google when they’re trying to find what you offer – whether you’re a retailer or a restauranteur, a doctor or a dance instructor. Not just keywords but phrases, or long-tail keywords.

Once you identify the tightest search terms possible, you’ll want to add those phrases into your content. The more specific you can be, the better, especially if your product, or service, is in an industry where there’s lots of competition.

Let’s say you own a furniture store. Competition for the keyword “furniture” will be fierce. So get specific. What kind of furniture do you carry: antique, vintage, contemporary, mid-century modern. What’s your price point: high-end, luxe, cheap, bargain-priced. Now some search phrases you might use: cheap contemporary furniture, high-end vintage furniture, best prices on mid-century modern.

Not sure what potential customers are typing into their search bars? Ask your existing customers what THEY searched for. Going right to the source is the best research you can do. And of course, you can always type “best keyword search tools” into Google.

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