I saw Wonder Woman last week, and I’ve been thinking about the film ever since. So many lessons packed into a few (wildly entertaining) hours. The word “equality” is front and center.

Despite some violence, I think parents should make sure their daughters see this film. The positive elements far outweigh the negative (some violence).

For example…Since Diana (aka Wonder Woman) has never been exposed to mankind, she is pure, naive and innocent as the film starts. Raised by her mother and aunt with nary a male in sight, she’s been taught to be kind and caring. But she’s also been raised to be strong. As strong – or stronger – than the men she will one day meet.

wonder woman

Courtesy of Erika Wittlieb, Creative Commons

How she reacts to instances where she sees man’s inhumanity to man is sad, but powerful. When a war kills hundreds of innocent men, women and children, she doesn’t understand. Why would anyone kill innocent babies?

This kind of behavior is foreign in Diana’s world. And yet, the fact that it’s not at all foreign or unusual in OUR world makes this scene even sadder. We see pictures weekly of innocent people killed — by bombs or guns or knives or speeding vans. And we see our own people shooting one another at random. Especially if you live in Chicago.

So, what’s the takeaway I find in Wonder Woman? There are a few:

  1. Girls can be as strong…or stronger…. than boys.
  2. Strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive. Diana is drop dead gorgeous!
  3. Kindness does not make you weak.
  4. Raising our daughters to take care of themselves should be every parent’s goal.
  5. Loving someone doesn’t mean you always have to agree with them.
  6. In the end, goodness triumphs over evil.

Well, #6 is more wishful thinking than factual. But all change starts somewhere.

It’s tempting to want to pretty-in-pink our daughters when they’re little. To dress them in girly outfits and princess costumes. And that’s ok. As long as it isn’t accompanied by teaching them to be helpless, soft and weak.

Diana’s mother raised her to be strong. Strong women are much more likely to be successful than those raised as sweet helpless princesses. They’re also more likely to be happy.

Strong women can compete with men — in the business world and in life.

If women are to ever truly break the glass ceiling, we need to level the playing field when we’re raising little girls.

Take your daughter to see Wonder Woman. It’s a great start.

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