What We Do

As a marketing communications firm, we offer a variety of services. Some may be appropriate for you particular business. Others not.

We make sure the tools you use are the right ones to reach your target markets — efficiently and effectively.

Identity & Brand Development

Your logo, tagline, creative and all messaging should reflect who you are and what you do. And if it’s memorable, all the better!


We’re minimalists. We design clean sites that load fast, provide information quickly, are easy to navigate and look just as great on your smart phone as your laptop. It’s high tech, but it’s still just a marketing tool. Our goal is a website that works.


It’s important to grab the viewer’s attention. Easy to do with a clever headline, unique typeface, bold color, and/or a great photo. But compelling copy and a call to action can be the difference between a fleeting glance or a new client. Make sure your copy speaks to the needs and wants of the person who’s reading it.


So many choices. Too many. You need to make sure your advertising is reaching your target audience. If not, you’re wasting valuable media dollars. We evaluate, plan, negotiate, buy, track and manage your media, so you know your message is getting in front of the right people.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Before we write a single word of copy for your website, we create a list of keywords and phrases that people would type into Google when looking for your service or product. These keywords are sprinkled throughout your web copy to help your site rank high in organic search.

Direct Marketing

Are your direct marketing efforts working for you? If not, there could be a variety of reasons. The offer might lack value. Your list might be outdated. You might be targeting the wrong market. Your copy might not be compelling. Or you may be missing a call to action. We can fix all of that.

Brochures & Handouts

Do your company’s brochures deliver your message simply and directly? If not, maybe it’s time for a redesign. Or, are you just starting out and in need of an “open for business” flyer? We can help give your marketing material the right spin.


Got news to share – or articles that might be of interest to your clients? Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with current customers or reach new ones. We write fun-to-read, informative copy to keep your readers engaged…and coming back for more.

Social Media Marketing & Digital Communications

We take the mystery out of social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, blogging. Not all of these tools are right for every company. We’ll customize a program with the social media tools that will work best for your particular business.

Trade Show Marketing

Everything in your booth – and everything distributed from your booth – should reflect your company’s unique identity. We can help with pre-show marketing, setting up meetings with the press, prepping your staff and post-show follow-up. Trade shows are costly. We’ll have you make the most of “face time”.


Think you’re on the right track but just need to kick some ideas around? Call us. We’re available for hourly consulting as well as projects or full campaigns.