A great looking website is only as good as the traffic it gets. If no one finds it, it’s pretty useless. So, before you build that new website, make sure you consider the seven most important words on the Internet. You’ll want to answer these before you start to write your content. Depending on your type […]

Want people to read those blog posts you labor over? Here are 8 tips to help that happen: Determine your target market. Who do you want to reach? Before you write a single word, you want to know who you’re writing for. Who will be reading your blog post? That way, your content will be directed towards […]

By now we assume we can find just about anything we need using Google. Right? Wrong! Don’t blame Google. It’s not their fault. Google search is efficient, fast and generally awesome. The problem is the companies with really lousy websites that make searching so frustrating. To me, that’s crappy customer care. What’s got my goat? […]