I love to network…which means I’m always meeting new people. And lately I’m meeting more and more who are starting new businesses.

Despite the headline, I don’t see this as “you’re doing WHAT?” but rather “good for you!”

Why not? If you’ve been laid off, or your hours have been cut, what have you got to lose (OK, health insurance, but there are local groups working on that to help small businesses even as I type).

Actually, if you’ve been dreaming about being your own boss, this could be the perfect time.

There are a gazillion resources: support groups, meetups, tweetups, free webinars and seminars, and articles everywhere online filled with advice on starting your own business.

Not convinced? Google the word “entrepreneur” and see what comes up. I just did. 117 million results.

Think of it this way: our economy is cyclical. Always. This is just a longer “cycle” than we’ve seen in a while.

Building a business is challenging, no matter what the economy looks like. There will be lots of problems to deal with. But there will always be solutions. And you’ll be learning from all of them.

If you’re willing to stretch a little….and work your tail off (probably what you do working for someone else anyway), what’s holding you back?

I’ll close by sharing a new business that just launched last week. It’s called Chicago Canine Concierge. The entrepreneur is my daughter, Tracey. And I’m super proud of her….especially since it’s her second business.

Way to go, Tracey Gold!

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