The thought of failing can be intimidating. It can also keep you from trying. And that’s too bad. Because you might be able to conquer those fears if you’d just let them go. And the joy you’ll feel when you DO conquer something you’ve been afraid to try more than makes up for the fear. Case […]

So much info. So little time. The entrepreneur’s dilemma. Consuming great quantities of information and still finding time to have a life…..or sleep. I’m an information junkie. And an entrepreneur. So I get the dilemma. But I’ve figured out how to handle it. One word (not plastics!): vet. Two more: very carefully. Find the experts. […]

I love to network…which means I’m always meeting new people. And lately I’m meeting more and more who are starting new businesses. Despite the headline, I don’t see this as “you’re doing WHAT?” but rather “good for you!” Why not? If you’ve been laid off, or your hours have been cut, what have you got […]