The thought of failing can be intimidating. It can also keep you from trying. And that’s too bad. Because you might be able to conquer those fears if you’d just let them go. And the joy you’ll feel when you DO conquer something you’ve been afraid to try more than makes up for the fear.

Case in point. I’ve been doing yoga for about seventeen months. I love it. It’s changed my life and made me a much calmer person (calm was never a word I’d use to describe myself). I approach yoga somewhat cautiously and am pretty realistic about what I can and can’t do (headstands are not likely)!

However, last week, as my class was working on handstands, I somehow worked through my fear of landing on my head and just decided to try it.


handstand – photo by Athleta

Don’t know what made this day different from the other 100+, but I figured what the hell. Lo and behold, my feet were on the wall and stayed there. 4 times. So it wasn’t a fluke. And the curious thing is that it wasn’t even that difficult. Which made me wonder why I hadn’t attempted it sooner. Fear of dislocating my shoulder? breaking my neck? Maybe. But yoga mats are pretty cushioned and it’s not like I was flinging my legs over my head. I was moving carefully, focusing on what I wanted to do and breathing. I think I just breathed through my fear.

A realization —if I can breathe through something I’m afraid to try in yoga class, I can use that same process in other areas of my life. Tackling a new skill that seems extremely difficult comes to mind.

Rather than being intimidated, I remember what I learned when I started my business 32 years ago. I won’t know if I’ll succeed or fail if I don’t try. Obviously needed a refresher. But that’s ok. Learning something new (or over again) can never be a bad thing.

Can’t wait til my next yoga class.

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