So much info. So little time.

The entrepreneur’s dilemma. Consuming great quantities of information and still finding time to have a life…..or sleep.

I’m an information junkie. And an entrepreneur. So I get the dilemma. But I’ve figured out how to handle it. One word (not plastics!): vet. Two more: very carefully.

Find the experts. Seek out the top people — the thought leaders — in the industries you’re following. Check out the keynote speakers at the conferences you follow or attend. Read the newsfeeds where they’re being quoted. See what they’re blogging, posting to YouTube, sharing (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), talking about in TED Talks.

Then cull your list of experts down to a few “must follow’s”.

It’s tough to follow all the experts in a given field. The Internet gives us constant access to a lot of bright people sharing all types of information. If you’re trying to grow a business, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Find the pros who offer knowledge and advice that hits home for you. Then consume as much as you can. And get some sleep.

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