Interesting blog title I’ve chosen — you may say. With good reason. My last blog post appears to be dated January, 2013. It really wasn’t (my last). There were more between the beginning of 2013 and mid-2014. I seem to have lost them. Long story….and not very interesting.

So rather than belaboring boredom, suffice it to say that my “new site, mid-year resolution” (I don’t make them in January…too much pressure) is to ramp up my blogging. To more than a few times a year. With a WordPress site, there is simply no excuse for not blogging regularly. It’s pretty brainless. All you need is something to talk about….something I’ve never had a problem finding.

When I consult with clients on how and when to blog, I’m very clear about the importance of consistency. It’s right up there with interesting content, relevant keywords, and writing that speaks directly to the reader.

Aside from the fact that blogs are a fabulous way to develop and share new material for content marketing, the freshness of a new post is something that you-know-who loves. Big time!

So if you’ve been lax with your blogging efforts….for whatever reason — summer’s too nice to be inside, you don’t like working on your laptop in the park or at the beach, you’re TOO BUSY! — step up to the plate. Fall is almost here. Actually a lovely time of year to sit outside and develop some content for your blog.

See you at the park. I’ll be blogging on my iPad.

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