I didn’t want to leave. Honest. I really loved the bag I found on your site. It was the color I’d been looking for for months and a style that always works for me. But I hated your website. Your website made me do it.

Was that a mistake?

Was that a mistake?

Make It Easy

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to have a better, cooler, more desirable product these days. If your potential customer finds it too difficult to purchase from you, you’re going to lose a sale.

The Internet has spoiled us. We expect to find what we’re looking for quickly. Once we find something we like, we expect to be able to buy it easily. If your website doesn’t’ allow that to happen, we’re gone. To the next best product. As long as the e-commerce process is quick and easy, we can be swayed. So much for loyalty.

If you want visitors to your website to stay there long enough to purchase an item or two, you just need to make it easy. It’s not brain surgery. It’s simply good design, clear copy and smart navigation.

That means no guessing as to where a visitor has to go next to view products, ask questions about sizes or returns or anything else…..or make a purchase. Clear, concise copy with easy-to-to read, easy-to-find directions, in highly visible bars or buttons or a different color type, might be just what you need to kick your numbers over last month’s sales high.

If you’re not sure if your website provides an outstanding user experience, go through it as though you’ve never seen it before. Find a product. Compare it to other products offered on the site. Go to checkout and buy it. Fill out the order form info. Make sure it’s smooth, seamless and swift. If it’s not, you need to go back to the drawing board and make some changes in your online selling process. Cause if the purchase process is difficult for you, it will be equally difficult for potential customers.

Professional web designers and developers know what it takes to create websites that keep visitors engaged. Clean, uncluttered pages with appropriate images that draw the eye where you want it to go …..whether it’s to a purchase page, a link to get more information, a place to ask a question, or a button to share what you’ve found with friends or colleagues. Professional copywriters can write clear, compelling copy that grabs visitors’ attention, keeps them interested and guides them through the purchase process.

Make it easy for people to do business with you. They’ll come back. They’ll also tell their friends about their purchases. It’s free advertising. And all you did was develop a website that works.

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