So much info. So little time. The entrepreneur’s dilemma. Consuming great quantities of information and still finding time to have a life…..or sleep. I’m an information junkie. And an entrepreneur. So I get the dilemma. But I’ve figured out how to handle it. One word (not plastics!): vet. Two more: very carefully. Find the experts. […]

I love to network…which means I’m always meeting new people. And lately I’m meeting more and more who are starting new businesses. Despite the headline, I don’t see this as “you’re doing WHAT?” but rather “good for you!” Why not? If you’ve been laid off, or your hours have been cut, what have you got […]

It was a very good week. Nope. No giant checks in the mailbox. No interviews in major publications. No fame. No fortune. But I learned a lot. From a stellar event where I met interesting people who talked about things I wanted to hear. From a fascinating speaker who held an audience rapt with stunning […]