This morning, I got in my car and, before I even pressed the start button, my phone told me how long it would take to get to my destination. And threw in that traffic was normal.

Really? How did my phone know where I was going? Although it was good to know this information, it was kinda spooky. My phone knows where I’ve been. I’ve traveled this same route for the past eight days. It’s a good assumption. But sometimes, I make a stop along the way and today that was not in my plan. How did “they” know? phone-918928_1280

Thankfully, I’m not currently being stalked. But I’m still a little leery that a device has this amount of information about my comings and goings.

Think about the ramifications of the technology we casually invite into our homes and our lives. Victims of domestic violence can lead their stalkers to their location. Kids with cell phones can be tracked by people you don’t want tracking them. Burglars casing neighborhoods for empty homes can easily discover when you’re away. Pretty terrifying.

I’m thinking we might be a little too careless when we use technology. Sure, it’s incredibly useful and convenient. In countless ways, wifi and passwords and GPS make our lives easier. But being easy isn’t the end all. There’s something to be said for security and peace of mind.

I’m reviewing my sharing and security settings on my devices. You?


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